759 Zamora Street
Torrijos, Marinduque 4903

About Village Sunrise Inn

Village Sunrise Inn is situated on the outskirt of the town of Torrijos on the island of Marinduque. Torrijos is about 150 miles south of Manila, making it an ideal get away place for families and lovers from the city to enjoy the beaches, places and the simple life of the town while experiencing the warmth and hospitality of the people.

Village Sunrise Inn is accessible from Manila by air, boat and bus. A 45-minute direct flight to and from Manila will soon be available with the completion of the Masiga Airport renovation which is about 15 miles from Torrijos. There is a direct 10-hour Jac Liner bus ride from Cubao to Torrijos via the ferry boat along the way. Experience a more enjoyable and shorter trip with your personal car from Manila via the Talao-Talao port and Balanacan pier and on to Torrijos.

Village Sunrise Inn has a media café for your entertainment, to surf the internet and play a variety of video games. Room service is available and we have a courteous and helpful staff to make your stay warm and welcoming. Our Family Suites provides a kitchen, bedroom and living room. The hotel is in walking distance to the beach, church, hospital, police station and the town center.

The Management Team of Village Sunrise Inn supports the preservation of the Environment. Everyday in thousands of hotels around the world, millions of gallons of water are used to wash towels and bed sheets that have only been used once. If you are staying at Village Sunrise Inn for more than one night, you are given a choice to participate in the preservation of the Environment by letting us know that you do not want to change your bed sheet and towels or request for replacement ones for your next night of stay with us.

Village Sunrise Inn is wheelchair accessible for disabled people and we have a reserved parking space for them.

TripAdvisor #1 Hotel In Marinduque

Experience and enjoy our amenities:

  • Air-Conditioned Room
  • Hot Water In Spacious Shower Stall
  • Cable TV
  • Internet Service
  • Ceiling Fan
  • Clean Comfortable Bed
  • Unlimited Supply of Clean Deep Well Water
  • Complete Gym Facility
  • Karaoke Bar



For a convenient and hassle-free travel experience, let a JAC LINER bus brings you directly from Cubao to Torrijos. Click on the icon below, for bus schedule inquiries.


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